.XYZ Domain at just Rs 100 – Join the party!

xyz domain extensions
.XYZ is the new domain name which brings together generations X, Y and Z – all in one, thereby giving everyone a whole new platform and perspective to connect! At a price as low as that, great volumes and revenues are assured for you!

What’s special about .XYZ – How you should sell it?

There’s no way you can miss this exciting new TLD, curated especially for those seeking the edge – it’s short, crisp AND inexpensive! With its generic nature and catchy sound, there’s nothing that can’t be associated with .xyz; it offers endless possibilities and is the go-to domain name for every purpose.

Why you should sell .XYZ?

xyz domain extensions
Who is .XYZ for?

Small & Medium Sized Businesses looking for a shorter domain name
Next generation of internet users
Creative minds looking to get a unique destination online
Anyone else – that’s the perk of being the first true generic new gTLD
Empower your customers to benefit from this amazing promotion and make sure that they recognize that .XYZ is the best-selling domain name. Dont miss out on this amazing promotion and hop onto the new gTLD revolution!

Please Note:

The promo is already live on your control panel, you simply need to specify set your selling price
To ensure that you receive the desired promo pricing, ensure that your Customers and Sub-Resellers are offered new Domain Registrations at less than or equal to the Barrier Price of Rs 210 in the Promo Engine.
It is valid only on registrations for the first year, and not on renewals and transfers
It ends on 31st December, 2014
Should you require any further information about this email, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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