Responsive Website And Static Website


Responsive Website


This is nothing but the combination of normal website, where a developer or designer adds some extra feature for creating website user friendly on all electronic devices. This type of website can be eCommerce or dynamic both.

Example: Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Tabulate, I Phone, android, Notepad, etc.

Use of Languages:

Common language for any website is nothing but HTML (Hypertext transfer protocol) apart from this use of other programming language is also compulsory for perfect development. Most of the firm love to take an advantage of HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, SQL,, CMS, .Net, DHTML, XML, C+, etc.


If you are master in creating a responsive website or you are, hiring any website design Company for this then it will generate you big business for your firm.

  • Easy for search engine optimizer to promote the website worldwide on all kinds of devices.
  • People from all over the world can easily see all resources of your website, without cutting any edge of specific pages.
  • The website will support multiple type of devices.
  • No need to create extra website for Mobile or other electronic gadget.
  • Easy navigation from one link to another.
  • A great benefit of generating huge traffic
  • Low Bounce rate percentage in terms of using other devices


  • It will cost you lots of amount for designing and development path, but it will depend on your budget.
  • It may increase your website load time.

Static Website


This type of website has normal designing and there is no need of extra development. This type of sites has 4 to 8 pages. If user wants, then they can easily make this static into responding. Almost about more than 60 percent of web design company in Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore, India, UK, USA, UAE, China or many of part of the world creating static website for their customer. When it is about developing static web pages, then your designing skill must be great , because you have to use some great things on this.

Example: Proper header, footer, Navigation, colors, structure, banner, styles, forms, etc.

Use of languages:

For this, you do not need to run your train of thought. While creating a static site, you can apply HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, DHTML or other basic needs for designing.


It is not a big deal for creating such kind of site. Even a normal guy, who has some knowledge in HTML and CSS can create a better site for running their organization, firm but at the end if you want best then you should go with some of website firm for accomplishment of the design.

  • Anyone can make it at an affordable cost.
  • In common person and for small shopkeepers it’s the best way to open their business online.
  • It’s come under the Google algorithm if your site doesn’t have much programming code.
  • A best advantage of getting huge traffic from all around the nation.
  • Less amount more income.
  • Easy in promotion.
  • Chances of getting fastest website.
  • Low bounce rate in terms of not using extra development code.


  • The website will not support multiple devices.
  • Chances of loosing small devices visitors.
  • The website bounce rate can increase.
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