Domain Name LifeCycle

Most domain names can be registered for period of 1-10 years and follows a pre-defined LifeCycle. This article explains the domain name LifeCycle from registration to deletion.

Domain Name LifeCycle

Domain Name LifeCycle


  1. Domain name is Registered or Renewed
    Domain names can be registered or renewed for period of 1-10 years such that they do not cross the maximum allowed period from the registration or renewal date.
  2. Domain name expires, Beginning of Renewal Grace Period- Once the domain expires, it enters “Renewal Grace Period (RGP)” which varies from 30 days to 45 days based on domain extension and registrar. During the grace period the domain owner can renew their domain names at any time at their regular price without penalty (if not auctioned). However, you can not transfer the domain name to other regisrar, unless you renew first.
  3. Redemption (Grace) Period- At the conclusion of the expired period, the domain name will enter a 30 day redemption period. During this period the majority of registrars will delete all the information about the domain. The domain will be removed which will make getting it back very expensive. Most registrars will charge a lot of money during this period to recover the domain.
  4. Pending Delete Period – After the 30 day redemption period, the domain name enters the pending delete period for 5 days. At this time, the domain cannot be restored. This domain is destined for deletion from the registry, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You will need to wait while the domain name is deleted before you can register it again. This also means that other people can register the domain which risks you losing it.

If you want to keep a domain name then the best thing to do is renew as early as possible. This will save money and also reduce the risk of you losing the domain. Many registrars will automatically handle renewals if you allow them. This makes it possible to simply add your credit card to your account and the domain will be renewed automatically until you decide to cancel.

Read more at ICANN

NOTE: Best policy is to renew your domain names for multiple years and before the expiry date. You don’t lose any time by renewing early.

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